A photograph can create threads – between the person behind the camera and what is being photographed, between the moment in time that has been captured and that in which another is seeing the image.

We wish to use photography as ground for an encounter - with oneself, with another, with our surrounding. We would like to meet, let ideas emanate from you, making the final piece a fusion between our approach and your vision.

At the moment we are based in Belgrade. If you have any questions, suggestions, would like to  collaborate, book a shooting or just share a few lines, we will be happy to hear from you!



2015 Cultural Center Grad, Belgrade

2015 Rex Cultural Center, Belgrade


2016 Berlin ArtParasites 

2016 Don't Take Pictures

2016 Carretezine

2016 The Film Community 

2017 Share Film

2017 Somewhere Magazine

2017 Carretezine

2018 ETC Zine

2018 35mmbook

2018 Photo Cinematica

2018 Photo Cinematica

2018 Photo Cinematica

2018 Indiependent Magazine

2018 Nowhere Diary

2018 Cheese by Konbini

2018 Dreamer Magazine

2018 Somewhere Magazine

2018 Fubiz

2018 Boy.hill

2018 Pellicola Magazine

2018 Know This Mind

2018 Abandoned Gallery

2019 GOMINIMAL Magazine


2017 Elston Gunn

2018 Indiependent Magazine